Samba - Tiger

Yesterday, after we’ve upgraded our G4 Cube to Tiger, we faced to an old problem. With Command+K, and Command+Shift+K we can’t connect to our FreeBSD box. Cause we’re dumbs, we forget that last year we met the same problem, fixed with a simple trick; I post here the solution, so everyone, also me, can use Samba on Tiger without wasting time….

Make sure that you are not currently connected to any Samba or Windows (SMB/CIFS) servers and that you do not have any Samba or Windows-related error messages open.
Open the Terminal (/Applications/Utilities/).
At the prompt, type: sudo pico /etc/nsmb.conf
Press Return.
Enter your password when prompted, then press Return again.
You should see an empty file and a "New File" notice at the bottom of the pico window. If you do not see the "New File" notice, this file already exists.
Enter the following into the file so that it appears as follows:


Save the file (press Control-O), press Return, then exit pico (Control-X).
Type: sudo chmod a+r /etc/nsmb.conf
Press Return.
Restart your computer.

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